Summer 2015

A brief view of last summer



In June i spended two weeks on Terschelling (little island at the coast of Friesland, the Netherlands) to help out at Oerol.

Konijn Festival

After Oerol i helped building a sustainable festival in the north of Amsterdam with the “konijn (Rabbit)” collective.

We made stuff like this bar sign..

Bar Sign


After the festival i ended up on a little spontaneousness adventure in Berlin.

Good Vibes

After two weeks in Germany i came back to Amsterdam for some good vibes at Landjuweel Festival Ruigoord and to make a big wall painting for Good Vibes Festival in Zaandam.

Kaap de Groene Hoop

During a big sailing event in Amsterdam i had a fun assignment to paint a bow of ship for another sustainable festival in the North of Amsterdam.

Spirit Gathering at Psy-Fi

Just after the assignment i escaped the busy city to help to build up the ‘Spirit Gathering’ area on the Sacred Island at Psy-Fi. A psychedelic festival in the North of the Netherlands. Here i also spended two weeks. One to build up the place and the other to help out hosting it. We had a 24/7 lounge and the whole day all kinds of workshops and jam sessions.

For more info check out !

At the moment i am getting ready for more adventures!I’m really excited to say that In some time i will be traveling true America!! :D