About Able 2

Hi there!!

My name is Abel “Able 2” Driehuizen and i’m an artist based in the city of Amsterdam.

Welcome to my portfolio website! Here you can find most of my work i’ve been making the last couple of years.

“Able 2” is not about me being able to make nice stuff for you to look at. “Able 2” is a vision about mind power, consciousness and togetherness. In simple words it is to be conscious and positive about yourself and your surroundings. If people begin to believe in the power they got hidden in themself and by starting to help one another more instead of obstructing each other we are able to do more then we ever thought was possible. Explore the possibilities!

I don’t try to tell only i’m “Able 2”, i try to tell everybody is.

And remember it is not about being number 1, it is just about being able 2

❤ Abel


Abel Driehuizen was born in Amsterdam on 16-01-1991 and has been living here all his live till now. Around the age of 16 he started doing graffiti. After a couple of years he stopped because he didn’t liked the gangs and violance that was involved in the Amterdam graffiti scene. After this he started feeling a bit empty inside. He tried out several of other activities, like extreme sports and music, to fill him up and express himself. While he explored al this he learned allot that he now uses in his work but at the moment he missed out on something that he could really identify with.

In 2011 he started the education Art & Design to find out how he wants to create his art. He found out it doesn’t really matter how he creates his art so long he can identify himself with his work. He started painting allot again and even went back using spray-paint. But to make it interesting he combined and recycle different materials he finds in his work. Also did he got into making analogue collages using pictures he finds in books and magazines.

When he finished the study in 2014 he was really eager to travel after spending all his live in Amsterdam where he met a lot of travellers. So he got his backpack and hitched and hiked trough Europe. He ended up at Boom festival in Portugal. Here he got inspired to work and make art on festivals. So that’s what he did in the summer of 2015. He worked as volunteer and on commissioned project at a couple of festival in the Netherlands. He did live painting projects and assignments for decoration. Also did he helped out with building and hosting at a location on Spy-Fi Festival called Spirit Gathering. In October 2015 he organised his own little event/exposition called “2 Be Able 2”.

Able2Ask: If you have any questions about me or my work contact me at the contact page or send me an email to 2beable2@gmail.com. And don’t forget to like my facebook page to follow me in my art ventures.

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