Assignments & Co-Creation

Illustration for E-book “Zelf Zorg Kun Je Leren”

For a free E-book about working on personal health i made these works to illustrate the topics that are talked about in this book.

Drawings made with pencil, crayon and marker.

Cosmic Convergence, Guatemala

The last week of december i helped out to build up and decorate the Cosmic Convergence Fesival in Guatemala. Here i made, from scrap material,  these adorable tables for in the tea house.

2 Be Able 2 – Art festival/exhibition

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

‘ This was an event I organised on 19 October 2015. The plan was to bring people together and let them express themselves by any art form. I wanted people to feel open for new experiences and let them inspire each other on a playful manner. People were playing instruments and a few artists, including me, exhibited their art. There was also a possibility to make your own artwork at the Collage Art workshop.

Because of the variety of activities there were also allot different kind of people, young and old. But somehow everybody felt really home at the event.’

Spirit Gathering, Psy-fi 2015

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

‘spirit gathering (‘spɪrɪt gæðrɪŋ) n. 1. co-created gathering of spirits, meeting of creative, high vibrating, spiritually aware and open minded people, usually resulting in the sharing of knowledge and ideas, artwork, workshops, music jamsessions, creativity, food, tea, love and healing. 2. v. gathering the spirit, recharging the soul.’

Kaap de Groene Hoop 2015

During a big sailing event in Amsterdam i had a fun assignment to paint a bow of ship for another sustainable festival in the North of Amsterdam.

Good Vibes Festival 2015

Zaandam, The Netherlands

Sharing positive vibrations at Good Vibes Festival

Inside-Outside Street Art Exposition 2013

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

‘Trees know when it is time to grow and when it is the time to let go’

made for the Inside-Outside Street Art Expo by C-lab and Kunstwest.